The beginning of the story of Angler's Cottage B&B

The Beginning of Our Journey

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Angler’s Cottage was built around the mid 1700s and sits alongside the river Wye in Miller’s Dale, just one of Derbyshire’s magnificent limestone vales. My wife (Fashion Designer, Costumier and Cordon Bleu chef) and myself (Botanical artist, Illustrator and writer) intend to turn this wonderful cottage into Miller’s Dale’s only B&B. The house had been sat empty for the best part of a year before we moved in during early September about the same time as the small, furry four-footed fiends with outrageous toilet habits (I blame their parents) moved out of their squat. The place was damp, cold and exhibited more cracks than you would see at a builder’s bum convention along with a soul-destroying acreage of notoriously difficult to remove chip paper. The exterior displayed enough wires and cables to give the transatlantic cable a run for its money as almost every room in the house bore testimony to a one time plethora of televisions. Other fascinating features included every door to every room having a bolt which meant you could be locked in or out depending on which side of the door you were on and left us wondering just what sort of activities had previously taken place here! The built in wardrobes on the other hand had those lovely anodised aluminium door handles left over from the 60s on both sides of the doors which allowed you to enter the wardrobe at one end and exit at the other. The question remains, why would you want to? Short of being bored out your brains on a wet wintery afternoon and having nothing better to do with yourself than play at ‘now you see me, now you don’t’ a wardrobe version of the gambling game ‘find the lady’ then I have no other suggestions. We both felt that as a project we certainly had our work cut out for us to turn this shell into one of the best Bed and Breakfasts in Derbyshire… Look out for the next instalment which will appear during unpredictable moments of respite and sanity.

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